Monday, 16 June 2014

The Lady Skater Dress!!

Right so! After not being able to post for months, I now have two posts in two weeks! Check me ! The Lady Skater dress has been a hit online ever since it was launched. I decided to make one, purely because I couldn't find a single person who didn't like it!The versions that I have loved online are Ping's Floral Skater , does help that the girl has a cracking body, but her dress was the final nod to go ahead and buy the pattern.
I chose a Black Floral Jersey from Croft Mill   and bought the clear elastic from Ebay.
20 yards for something like £5.

The pattern itself is actually pretty easy to sew up. The slightly fiddly bits were attaching the elastic to the shoulder seams and the neck band.
With the elastic, I ended up cutting a bit extra to hang loose on both sides which then made it easier to attach. For the neckband, I cut two sizes bigger, so that it fit without too much stretch.

I really like this dress, I made it a few months ago now, and have worn it through the spring with tights and boots and now can wear it with pumps.
 The fit is very flattering and I have had looks of disbelief when mentioned that this dress is hand made!!

I am looking for the perfect fabric to make a cap sleeved version of this bad boy. I like Rachel's  version  , just need to find the perfect fabric for it.

If you are even vaguely considering making this pattern and are new to knits, this is the one to go for. having never used knit fabric before, this dress was a great introduction and gave wonderful wearable results. I don't own an overlocker so just used stretch needles and the stretch stitch function on my basic cheepo machine. the results have left me feeling extremely confident sewing with knits and I cannot canvass enough for it.

Go get your lady skater on!

Fabric - Croftmill
Shoes- Minnetonka

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