Monday, 9 June 2014

Sinbad & Sailor's Hepworth Dress - and General Ramblings

Right, before I talk about my new make, I think I need to address something that has been stewing in my mind for  while. When I started this blog, nearly a year ago now, I thought it would be a good forum to document all my makes, connect with other people out there who love the craft and share my passion. What I didn't think about, was the sheer logistics that go with blogging , mainly taking the photographs. I feel extremely guilty to ask my OH or friends to take pictures of me in my  makes. I am not entirely sure why? Maybe it the fact that I have to rely on others to post. Maybe I find it too vain to photograph myself?
Whatever the reason be- but the lack of independence of being able to just sew, photograph and post instantly is what has kept me from blogging since January. I feel awful. I have so many lovely things to document and share.

Having always been an independent person, I am struggling to have to depend  on others to do something I consider my passion!
What would be the solution- spend money on a gadget that buys me this freedom? What would this gadget look like? A new self timing camera? a camera with a remote? Or a tripod for my iPhone? 
Do you blog and take pictures of yourself? if so, how do you manage that? Help me please!

Anyway,  freedom issues aside :) presenting my latest make! The Sinbad & Sailor's Hepworth Dress!!!
Photography courtesy the OH :) 

The Hepworth is a beautiful sleeveless dress pattern with a princess seam bodice joined at the waist to a flared skirt which includes handy hip pockets. The fit and flare shape gives you a flattering silhouette while evoking the organic and modernist sculptures of its namesake Barbara Hepworth. 

I cut out a size 10 , as that's what I thought my measurements corresponded to! Well it turns out- not-so-much! The dress was way too big for me, and I had to take a size in. So the next one will be cut out to a size 8. I am not entirely sure what the issue was- maybe I lost weight ? ( like feck!) or maybe I didn’t measure myself properly? 
Anyway, once I tried on the dress, I had to redo the back darts and adjust the shoulders quite a bit. 
This was my first time with princess seams . The pattern instructions are quite precise, I used this online tutorial to understand the process better. I also used Lladybird’s invisible zipper tutorial to make sense of what I was doing. 
The arm and neck lines are finished with a facing, and I must say-  that makes the dress look very tidy. 

I used a bold red polka dotted cotton for the pockets, as I love a bit of hidden flash, ahh the rebel that I am ! :p

 I thought I should try a few ‘modelling’ poses – so here’s a side one…

That clearly was more than enough to set off the giggle fit !

Fabric- Croft mill – Pima Cotton Lawn for dress. Study quilting cotton for pockets. Facing was navy blue cotton fabric from my stash
Tights- ASOS
Boots- Dune
Shades- Fossil 

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