Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year !!!

Hello Hello!!! It is 2014 and I have had a rather interesting 2013. Well firstly this was the year , I learned to sew and knit and bought my first sewing machine! Wahay!!!
I also started this blog that I haven't been great at updating and this has been a constant source of guilt.The main hurdle that I have with my blog is getting someone to take my pictures. We are all busy people and sometimes it is just not easy to ask your other half to take pictures of you ,esp when they have had a busy day and got home at 9pm! I hate being an un-finsher, you know the kind that starts something and never goes through with it?
2013 has also been an injury riddled year, as such the two races that I signed up for, I couldn't run. It was upsetting standing at the finish lines, and although seeing my  loved ones finish was a supporting thing to do , it was soul destroying to be the un-finisher !

I have decided to keep my resolutions realistic, and if i do manage to do better that will be a bonus!

Sewolutions 2014 
Make at least two pieces of clothing every month. Not too much to ask I reckon?
Make a dress that is pretty enough to wear to a wedding.( I have 3 weddings that I am going to, as far as I know!)

Knitolutions 2014 - In this order 
Complete second scarf .
Learn to read knitting patterns
Knit at least one cardigan.

Personal Resolutions 
Learn to swim ( classes booked I start tomorrow, eek!)
Get physio for knees and start running again. (Fingers crossed!)
Try one new sport ( Kayaking, kickboxing, Ashtanga yoga?... any other suggestions?)
Learn to cook food from the east . ( Malay/Japanese/Chinese/Thai/ Indonesian/Korean???)
Read before bedtime ( Hard one, I fall of to sleep, very easily)
Cook with 10 new ingredients . (Salsify,Celeriac, Scallops, lemongrass, etc etc ..)
Brush up on Spanish and Portuguese
Cook and eat good breakfast on a weekend.

I see these as achievable  goals. I will keep you updated on how I get on! :)