Sunday, 3 November 2013

Pretty Pink Polka!

Guys, I am grinning like a Cheshire cat, and why shouldn't I?? Look at what I made!!!!
This is the by far my pride and joy, my most favourite skirt.. and it makes me feel like I might be getting somewhere with my sewing!!!
I wore this skirt to work and was complemented several times, with one women asking me where did I buy it from!!! EEEEKKKK!!!

Anyway I shall stop squealing and tell you a bit about the skirt itself. The pattern is Simplicity 2451.  This is the first time that I have attempted one of the Big Four patterns. As I beginner I have to confess that this was a bit of an eye opener to me. Unlike the indie patterns that I have sewn from previously, the instructions here were concise and I didn't have a lot of hand holding. I had to get K's mum to look at the skirt several times before I was sure of what I was doing.

The fabric is cotton poplin, and although is is so pretty, it was not the ideal weight for a skirt. So I lined the skirt with some acetate lining, and used this tutorial from Moonbeam. I came across her blog and oh my word , I was blown away. Alice, not only has sewn herself some pretty awesome outfits, she made her own wedding dress, and I don't mean a simple dress... oh no no.. this dress has 7 layers!!!! and looks like high end designer make! OH MY WORD!  and here am I getting uber excited about making a skirt!!

Anyway, back to my skirt... I teamed this with my Sorbetto Top ,and it works really well.The pockets make sure they are everything that you need to ensure that your iPhone and purse are comfortably nestled :) I definitely want to make another one , as it is such a delight to wear!

Fabric : Cotton poplin Pink Polka dots( Croft Mill Fabrics  ) ///Zipper and lining (First for fabrics) ///Some lightweight fusible interfacing for the back opening.

Alterations to original pattern: I used size 8, but then shortened the hem a bit. I added a lining as mentioned above. I hand sew the zipper as the foot I ordered of amazon doesn't fit my machine, even though it did say it would! pffttt!!