Monday, 28 October 2013

Wohoo!! My Wiksten Tank Top!

After the saga of my Darling Ranges dress, I decided that I needed to make something that was morale boosting, which meant putting  my beginners level sewing skills to use and be delighted with the end results.
So, I dug out the Wiksten tank Top pattern from my slowing growing pattern stash. This pattern was an absolute delight to work with. The tank is flattering and although the weather is cooling down , the design enables me to wear it with a cardigan. 
The fabric used was a gorgeous Crepe de Chine , which was free from fraying! Hurrrahhhh!!!!

The cute little pockets is a nice bit of detail that requires very little effort ..

I used size XS and it fits perfectly. I have to be honest and say I didn't make a muslin. But I am also going to make an excuse -- my muslin is still in the post.Once it arrives I will be Muslin making here on... 
I am very excited that my top is perfect, and I cant wait to make some more of these. 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Learning Curve: My Darling Ranges Dress

The Darling Ranges pattern by Megan Nielson, is cute, feminine, and wonderful to wear.. if of course you are not a dafty like me and select the right fabric for your abilities ( ie NOT slippery polyester),make a Muslin ( so that you know that the dress will fit) and know how to contain fraying fabric.
As much as I love this dress,The fabric was an absolute nightmare to handle. It was ridiculously slippery, which meant the pieces were not cut evenly. It frayed and frayed and frayed.. oh lord did it Fray...

I used the XS pattern, which works really well, except in the bust area. The dress is ever so tight around there, which means the buttons have gape between them... But the skirt is sooo pretty and falls so beautifully.

The tighter bust means that the seams at the waist are misaligned... but hey ho, that's what learning curve is all about!

I do have some gorgeous polka dotted pockets though :)
The fabric was the most difficult bit of the dress.. ( if i haven't mentioned that before :p) but the pattern , instructions and overall ease to make the dress are simply brilliant....

Fabric : 100% polyester  ( From Ditto Fabrics ), Polyester navy Polka dots for pocket lining (from The Remnant kings) ///Buttons: 5 5/8 c black plastic buttons  (John Lewis )

Alterations to original pattern: I used size XS, lowered the waist by 2 inches, as high waisted dresses aren't particularly my thing. I also shortened the hem, as the dress was way to long for me.I am 5.2'' (160cms), so have to alter probably everything I will ever make.

I haven't decided if this dress is going to be modest enough to wear outdoors as the gape in the bust area, is pretty obvious. But I have definitely learnt a lesson here, and that is to make a muslin beforehand...
I am loving the learning curve, although sometimes extremely frustrating, it is teaching me to persevere, be patient and make the godforsaken Muslin :)