Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Life of... Pie :)

As corny or cheesy this may look.. we had the most amazing pie for dinner...
This is a Steak and Ale pie. I used Gordon Ramsey's recipe, which you can find here .

Changes I made:
Omitted the mushrooms, as K thinks they feel like slugs. (!) Added a dried chili, as i like my food spicy. Chili in a Steak and Ale pie?? you ask... Try it , you might actually like it.
Used Black Sheep Ale, and 5 rather than 2 sprigs of the recommended Thyme.

Of course, no pie is complete without a pun- so here is mine..
Unfortunately neither Richard Parker, nor Thirsty No-Name were able to make it to dinner. they had other plans, that involved some sailing!


  1. This is so creative! haha I love it, it makes me want to make one that says "easy as.." as in, easy as pie. Ya ok, not as good of pun as yours. haha, I really do want to make one now though, was it hard to cut out the little letters?

  2. @Easy as a'.. would work as well :) I have made ones that just say 3.14... Yup I am a dork...
    It wasn't too bad to be honest.. as you can see the letters are a bit 'rustic' :)