Monday, 16 September 2013

Autumn- Winter Sewing Plans

With Autumn here I think it is best to start making sewing plans for my wardrobe. I have been lurking at patterns online and fellow bloggers and think I need to make a wishlist of all the lovely patterns I would like to sew.
Now this is a 'wishlist' and definitely not a' to do list' as I think that would be setting high expectations for myself and then beating myself for not being able to meet it. I think sewing and blogging are fun activities and if I cant keep the fun element in it because I have stressed myself out trying to juggle a job, life and everything that comes with it... then it is not worth doing. 
So here we go. 

Kelly Skirt number 2 - In Burgundy Corduroy that I have in my stash. This skirt is so versatile, and I am loving wearing my blue one . I cant wait to make another one!

Darling Ranges Dress - I do have the Megan Nielson obsession at the moment. I have already made one of these that turned out okay, but not something I think I couldn't wear in the outdoors ( more of this later) . I am hoping to find some lovely pale blue Chambray and hopefully sew this before it is too cold to wear it. Although I think I could wear it with some thick tights a chunky Cardi and a warm deep red scarf that I am currently knitting.

Named - Batwing top : Have you seen the amazing Named pattern collection?!!? Omg!! I was floored! Sleek lines, clean cuts and something so clinical, yet so desirable. As I have yet to reach to the heights of being an intermediate seamstress, I am hoping to get cracking on this wonderful top. What fabric do I use though? Wool blend??

Colette Anise- I love Colette, although I am not sure if all of their designs would suit me. However, the Anise is something that I have been eyeing for a while now. I would love a Teal, Bright Red and Burgundy ones. Although realistically, it would break my bank to buy all of those expensive wool fabrics and I probably need to have some variety in my wardrobe. If the right fabric comes along, I am hoping to get one of the above mentioned colours made for this year, in the long sleeve version. And since I live in the North of England, out winters last a while, which gives me plenty of sewing time :) 

Lady Skater- This extremely versatile dress has been on my mind for a while now. It looks so flattering. I LOVE  Pings version of this and have bought my cheapy knitted fabric , and orders some clear elastic and double stretch needles. I have been running away from Knits for a while know, simply because I don't know how to handle them, but Ping told me that she used her regular chepo machine to make her wonderful versions, which gave me the confidence to try them out. If it does work out, I am sure there will be a few versions of this dress in my wardrobe. :)

This is Ping Version. She looks adorable and it fits her so well.. I do have a sewing crush on the girl :D

Mathilde Blouse number 2 - Finally last but definitely not the least I would like like to recreate another of the wonderful Mathilde blouse. I made one of these before and I love how it looks and fits me. I have this idea of this green version with pearl buttons and a green lace yolk. If I can source this fabric, you will hopefully see this version , that is currently in my head :)

What are your sewing plans looking like? 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Life of... Pie :)

As corny or cheesy this may look.. we had the most amazing pie for dinner...
This is a Steak and Ale pie. I used Gordon Ramsey's recipe, which you can find here .

Changes I made:
Omitted the mushrooms, as K thinks they feel like slugs. (!) Added a dried chili, as i like my food spicy. Chili in a Steak and Ale pie?? you ask... Try it , you might actually like it.
Used Black Sheep Ale, and 5 rather than 2 sprigs of the recommended Thyme.

Of course, no pie is complete without a pun- so here is mine..
Unfortunately neither Richard Parker, nor Thirsty No-Name were able to make it to dinner. they had other plans, that involved some sailing!